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Tony's Diner -734 E Main St

Bob & Earls -1118 Robinson Ave

Las Animas Grill -341 N Commercial St

Sonic -642 W Nain St

McDonald's -322 Nevada Ave

Burger King -1920 Freedom Rd

The Café -135 E Main St

Redneck Grill -731 E Main St

Mission At The Bell -134 W Main St

Habanero's Mexican Grill -508 Nevada Ave

Family Seed -525 San Juan St

Tees Me Treat Me -105 W Main St

El Rancho Bar & Café -1901 Santa Fe Trail 


Rino's -400 E Main St

Brix Sports Bar & Grill -231 E Main St

Trinidad Smokehouse -500 E Elm St

Purple Toad -430 Chestnut St

Wonderful House -415 University St

Great Wall -321 State St 

Nana & Nano's Pasta -418 E Main St

Tequilas Mexican Restaurant -9900 Santa Fe Trail

Lee's BBQ -825 San Pedro Ave


Park Café -608 Arizona Ave

Jujo's Pub -125 N Chestnut St

Mantelli's -137 W Main St

Gino's -991 E Main St

Moose's -308 W Main St

Royal Tavern -1906 N Linden Ave

Dodge Creek Brewing Company -36730 Democracy Dr

Trinidad Peaks Lounge -3130 Santa Fe Trail



Local Dining an Bars

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